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The company “GROSS INSURANCE” has been operating since November 2011, on the basis of a license from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan for all 17 classes of insurance in voluntary and mandatory forms. For 7 years, the Company has been actively developing and confidently moving towards its intended targets. Over the years, the Company received a unique experience, gained confidence in its abilities, thousands of people and enterprises trust us to protect their interests.

To date, GROSS INSURANCE is one of the fastest growing up insurance companies in the country. A wide range of modern insurance products, financial reliability, rigorous fulfillment of commitments and running an open business, active development of a regional network, an individual approach to each client and availability throughout the country ensure that GROSS INSURANCE has high growth rates and the trust of customers and partners.

According to the results of 2018, GROSS INSURANCE is included in the top 3 leaders of the insurance market of Uzbekistan (general insurance) and occupies the first position among non-state insurance companies.

In 2018, the company was assigned a rating of “uzA ++” (the highest level of reliability) from RA “Ahbor-reyting”.

The authorized capital of the Company is 30.1 billion sums. The financial stability of GROSS INSURANCE is ensured by an impressive amount of paid-up share capital, an effective risk reinsurance system, including in international markets, as well as a flexible investment mechanism for free funds. This allows the company to take on major risks for insurance and guarantee reliable insurance protection to its customers.

The company has a wide and actively functioning network of regional divisions, which covers all regions of the country and provides a wide penetration of insurance services among the population. As of January 1, 2019, the company's regional network includes more than 100 territorial branches.

GROSS INSURANCE does not stop at the achieved results and is constantly working to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service and create amenities for customers and partners. The Company has a 24-hour Customer Support Center, the work of its own professional Medical Group, which organizes customer service on medical insurance, has begun, and the Emergency Commissioners Group, which operates around the clock, is also active.

Company's ambitions allow us to create new opportunities for our customers and offer convenient options for their solutions. For example, in 2018, online insurance and an application that has no analogues in the insurance market, the Mobile Assistant GROSS INSURANCE, was introduced, which is a new standard for providing convenient insurance services in the market of Uzbekistan.

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