Motor Vehicle Insurance

Comprehensive insurance
program for full car protection


Implementation of the design and purchase of the policy, without leaving home


Independent registration of the policy without any intermediaries and purchase of the policy online at a discount of 15%


The electronic policy is identical to the paper version of the document, always at hand, and in case of loss or damage, you can easily print a new copy.


Instant calculation of the cost of the policy, as well as its purchase without visiting the office and waiting in queues


An e-policy in * PDF format will be sent by telegram messenger

What is hull insurance?

The motor hull insurance policy is a certainty that you will be able to get out of almost any unpleasant traffic situation without moral and financial damage. After all, the coverage applies to repair expenses at any case (even if an accident is occured due to your fault)

Why motor hull insurance?

Payment of insurance indemnity, depreciation excluded.
No traffic regulations violation exclusions
No additional certificate from Traffic Road Safety bodies, provided that third parties are not engaged in the accident (the amount of loss should not exceed 5% of the insurance premium)
Short list of exclusions
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Getting the hull insurance policy, you are



damage to the insured car by third parties;
loss or damage to life, health and / or property of third parties upon the occurrence of civil liability;
loss or damage to the life and health of the insured persons who were in the insured car;
loss or damage to the insured car;
complete destruction of the car.

We may provide following option in addition to above:

Taxi call within limits of 1.0 mln. UZS

Why do I need an extra HULL INSURANCE in addition to the compulsory one?

Compulsory vehicle owners liability insurance
- applies to loss or damage to car of any third party envolved in the accident;
- it performs an important social role and is considered to provide coverage for injured persons;
- it applies only with a fixed cost depending on the engine capacity, territory of use and the driving experience;
- the sum of insurance compensation is fixed and may not be changed.

Voluntary hull insurance policy
- applies to any loss or damage to your car resulted from accident;
- it provides wide-range coverage and protection of property interests;
- the cost of the policy may be varied due to different reasons;
- the amount of insurance indemnity depends on the value of the contract, but it cannot exceed the full cost of the insured car.

Frequently asked questions

Just enter your personal data, specify the model and manufacturing year, as well as the state number

You should calculate the cost of the policy, click on the “Buy Online” button and fill in all fields, then choose a method of payment and finish the procedure.

The e-policy will be sent by telegram messenger

Absolutely, just either amend the existing insurance contract or make a new one.

Yes, you should do, as the compulsory vehicle owners liability insurance applies to the liability against third parties.

Yes, it would be considered as such provided that it is specified in the insurance contract.

Yes, it should be considered as such, unless otherwise provided in the insurance contract. The amount of loss shall be compensated within limits of the Sum Insured.

No accidents may be recognized as insured event, provided that driver is under alcoholic, narcotic, and / or toxic intoxication, or any effect of medical drugs

You should to conclude the voluntary insurance contract due to the requirement of the credit institution.

The damage shall be indemnified within the limits of the sum insured, unless otherwise specified in the insurance contract.

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