Добровольное автострахование Prestige Gross Insurance
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Добровольное автострахование Prestige Gross Insurance

Comprehensive insurance Prestige

Comprehensive (100%) insurance program

Prestige Prestige

Comprehensive insurance program for full car protection

Protecting your car from unpredictable situations not only on the road but also near your home.

The insurance program will also include the risks of damage to the car in a parking lot, bouncing off an object, hitting an obstacle, unlawful acts of third parties, natural disasters, and more.

What is included in
the insured event
  • Accident, theft, or total loss of the vehicle
  • Natural disasters
  • Physical damage
  • Fire, explosion
  • ETPLI (For additional charges)
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What to do in the event of an insurance case

  • Inform us immediately at the short number 1166
  • Report the event to the competent authorities (DIA, OPO, etc.) in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Not to make any movements of the damaged vehicle
  • Lodge your damaged car to us for inspection before you start the restoration work
  • Send us an application for payment of insurance compensation, which the following documents must be attached
    • insurance policy or a copy
    • materials (a ruling, indictment, judgment, or other)
    • copy of the certificate of registration of the insured vehicle (technical passport)
    • copies of the passport or other document certifying the identity of the driver
    • material damage assessment report

* Depending on the terms of the contract, the list of documents and actions may vary.

We remind you: Submission of documents mentioned in the subparagraph above is not obligatory if the amount of damage does not exceed 5% (five percent) of the insured sum, and the damage was not caused as a result of an accident with participation of third parties, fire and explosion.

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