Страхование имущества Uy-Joy Gross Insurance
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Страхование имущества Uy-Joy Gross Insurance

"Uy-Joy" property Insurance

Protect your home from various risks

Program Uy-Joy

Protect your home from various risks and unforeseen situations

Your home is an important part of a happy life. In everyday life, there is always the risk of damage or destruction of personal property.

Property insurance is a convenient tool that will help compensate you for your losses in case of unfavorable circumstances. Take care of your home security!

When we compensate for losses
  • In case of fire or explosion
  • In case of lightning strikes and all kinds of natural disasters
  • In case of accident and liquid exposure
  • In case of harm caused by third parties

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What to do in the event of an insurance case

  • Call the company short number 1166 and follow the instructions of our operators.
  • If there is a fire, call the fire prevention officers.
  • If your neighbors are flooded, call the authorities to fix the incident.
  • Take measures to prevent or mitigate damage
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