Voluntary health insurance (VHI)
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Добровольное медицинское страхование (ДМС)

Voluntary health insurance (VHI)


What is VHI and how does it work?
  • Voluntary health insurance (VHI) is a type of personal insurance. It allows a person to receive medical care in hospitals and clinics that operate under the insurance policy.
  • The way to an employee’s heart is through VHI
  • We have already talked about how to implement an employee care program. And voluntary health insurance (VHI) is one of the key elements of such a program.
  • There are many offers on the market: you can collect voluntary health insurance for every taste and budget.
List of clinics who cooperate with us

The insurance company cooperates with certain clinics that accept and treat insured clients. The patient does not pay for the services, since he has already paid for a policy that covers these expenses.

Зачем оно нужно работодателю:
  • As a tool for competition for talent: most likely, all other things being equal, the candidate will choose an offer with voluntary health insurance
  • Show employees and candidates that the company is stable and confident for the coming year - this is the period for which an insurance contract is usually concluded.
  • Demonstrate care for employees. We all work for money, but it’s nice when an employer cares about your health.
  • Reduce the number of sick days. In my experience, if a company has voluntary health insurance, then employees take better care of their health and get sick less often.
  • For an employee, voluntary health insurance is a reason to pay attention to their health. Moreover, he can not only treat diseases, but also engage in prevention: many programs include massage, vaccinations, psychological services, and oral hygiene.
  • Typically, the employer signs a contract with the insurance company for 12 months. If the cooperation was successful, then at the end of the validity period it is re-concluded. As part of this agreement, a separate policy is issued for each employee.

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What to do in the event of an insurance case

  • Take measures to prevent or mitigate damage
  • Inform us immediately at the short number 1166
  • Provide us with all plans, specifications, bills of lading, and other necessary documents
  • Provide all letters, claims, orders, and other documents related to the loss

Then we will proceed to eliminate the consequences of the insured event (replacement, repair), if possible, after the inspection of the insured object

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