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Строительно-монтажные риски (СМР) Gross Insurance

Construction risks

Construction risks

Insurance of construction and installation risks

During any construction, installation, overhaul, reconstruction of buildings and structures there is a great risk of harm to participants of construction, these objects or third parties.

We offer a customized program, where all cases will be taken into account as much as possible, and you will be insured.

What is included in
the insured event
  • Property damage or damage to property
  • Damage to life, health, and property of third parties on the site or in the neighborhood of the insured object

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What to do in the event of an insurance case

  • Take measures to prevent or mitigate damage
  • Inform us immediately at the short number 1166
  • Provide us with all plans, specifications, bills of lading, and other necessary documents
  • Provide all letters, claims, orders, and other documents related to the loss

Then we will proceed to eliminate the consequences of the insured event (replacement, repair), if possible, after the inspection of the insured object

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