Cargo insurance
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Страхование грузоперевозок Gross Insurance

Cargo insurance

We provide reliable protection of goods and cover financial expenses

Cargo transportation

We protect the goods at all stages of transportation.

We will cover the financial costs if your shipment is lost, damaged, destroyed, or completely unusable in transit.

Insurance coverage is valid throughout the world for transportation by road, rail, air, water transport, as well as in any combination of these modes of transport.

Terms of insurance

The terms of the contract are formed on the basis of the characteristics of your freight and from what cases you want to protect your cargo.

  • Coverage for all cases
  • Coverage only in case of natural disasters, explosion, crash, accident, water penetration into the ship
  • Coverage only in case of natural disasters, explosion, crash, car accident
What is included in
the insured event
  • Losses caused by the fire
  • Damage caused by the explosion
  • Losses resulting from loading and unloading operations
  • Losses resulting from natural disasters and natural phenomena
  • Losses resulting from theft or robbery

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What to do in the event of an insurance case

  • Inform us immediately at the short number 1166
  • Make it possible to inspect the detected damage
  • Send us:
    • insurance policy
    • invoices for the cargo
    • insured cargo inspection report
    • documents, confirming expenses incurred
    • call emergency commissioners at 1166

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