A grand presentation was held on February 8!
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A grand presentation was held on February 8!


The event was organized by Gross Insurance, the largest insurance company in Uzbekistan, tour operator Prestige Travel, host Sun International, with the support of the State Tourism Development Committee of Uzbekistan.

Main topics:

Presentation of the new Gross Mobile app to ensure safe tourism

Opening of new Tashkent - Hurghada⠀ tourism destination

 In order to improve the quality of service for travelers, we have developed Gross Mobile app. 

 The application has an SOS button, enabling you to instantly contact a 24/7 help center operator, who will arrange prompt and qualified assistance to you, regardless of your location. The application will automatically determine the tourist's location in any country!

Mobile app

Download our new mobile app and always have easy and fast access to our customer support service, online insurance policy registration

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