Now it's even easier to buy car insurance!
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Now it's even easier to buy car insurance!


In the online store ARBA.UZ there is an opportunity to buy a policy of compulsory car insurance GROSS INSURANCE.

A car insurance policy is mandatory for every owner of a personal vehicle. It is designed to compensate for damages to third parties' health, life, and property in an accident that occurred through your fault.

 Coverage of the policy
The sum insured is 40,000,000 sums, of which:

- 65% - to cover damage caused to the life and health of the victim;

- 35% - for the damage to the victim's property.

You can purchase our policy at Arba. uz and it will be delivered directly to your hands!

You can pay in any form convenient for you: you can pay with UzCARD Online, CLICK plastic cards, and in cash.

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