Tender for the development of a conceptual design for the construction of a comprehensive service station
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Tender for the development of a conceptual design for the construction of a comprehensive service station


LLC "GROSS INSURANCE" invites you to take part in the competition for the development of conceptual design "Construction of a comprehensive service station of automobile, moto, and bicycle vehicles at the following address: Tashkent, Uchtepa district, Zargarlik str, 23".

The applicant is invited to include the following sections in the development of a conceptual design.

Textual part, including architectural concept, explanatory note, composition of the complex of objects, description of technological processes, etc;

Graphic materials in color on electronic (CD-drive) and paper (blueprints), including - a situational plan - a master plan, - facades, - sections, - plans, floors and roofing, 3-D graphics "in perspective" and "bird's-eye view" etc;

Technical and economic indicators, including the capacity of the object (carrying capacity, productivity of technological lines, number of staff, number of floors of buildings and structures, building volume, building area, total area, the structure of the surrounding area of the land plot, etc.);

Approximate calculation of the cost and timing of the project.

The deadline for submission of project proposals - until 01.07.2019. The deadline for consideration of project proposals will be announced to participants additionally.

The conditions of the competition provide the following prize fund. For the 1st place winner, the amount of remuneration is 20.0 million soums, for the 2nd place bidder, respectively, 10.0 million soums. These amounts include all taxes and deductions. After the awarding all developed materials of the winners will be the property of the organizers of the contest and will be used at their discretion.

Contact: Sh. Shukurlaev (99) 889-19-09, Z. Muradov (90) 175-74-68.

Single number 1166

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