The First Social Women's Forum "I Choose Life!
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The First Social Women's Forum "I Choose Life!


We are 8! This number is unique, has a special sacred meaning - a sign of infinity, embodying life!

Life is the most valuable gift for humanity and the conductor of this gift has been and will be - SHE IS A WOMAN!
Filling this world with beauty and harmony, giving her care and love, inspiring deeds ... SHE is a source of kindness and compassion ...

As a sign of endless respect for the status of women and mothers, Gross Insurance celebrated its 8th anniversary with the creation of a new social project - the First Social Women's Forum “I Choose Life!”

The first social women's forum "I choose - life!" is an excellent platform for networking for socially active women, whose contribution to raising the status of women in society is immeasurably significant!

All funds raised during this event will be sent to shelters - Centers for the rehabilitation and adaptation of women who have suffered from violence and the prevention of suicides.

Forum "I choose - life!" - this is the first brick in the wall, and this wall, over time, has a chance to become a wall of protection, a wall of hope, a wall - on which those who need it can lean.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the speakers of the forum: Shodieva Rano Odilovna, Matkarimova Gulchekhra Abdusamatovna, Umurzakova Madina Maratovna, Yagafarova Faina, Yakovleva Yulia Alekseevna, Sattarova Nargiz Akhadovna, Miriyeva Dinara Chuzhayadovna, Maria I

Each of you is a whole world, magical and multifaceted! Thank you for opening the doors to your world, we promise to treat it with care!

We express our gratitude to all the partners of the Forum for pleasant gifts to our guests and participants of the Forum. We thank the media representatives and bloggers who covered our event; in particular the AydaTuda site

The work of a large professional team is behind the implementation of the project idea and the event. We thank everyone who contributed to creating an atmosphere of warmth and kindness on the day of the event.

This is just the beginning!

#Gross #I_Choose_Life

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