International Travel Insurance

Get policy online
with 5% discount

Why is online insurance beneficial?

Calculation and registration just in 3 minutes
Getting a policy through a telegram messenger or the ability to download a PDF version
Save time and money (5% discount)
Recognition by all visa centers in Tashkent
Medical assistance in any country of the world 24/7

5 easy steps to buy a policy

  • select destination country and insurance program;
  • select policy type and travel period;
  • specify the purpose of the trip and the number of travelers;
  • enter the personal data very accurately;
  • pay for insurance in a convenient way for you.

What affects the price of the policy?

  • selected insurance program;
  • insurance period;
  • travelers’ age;
  • number of travelers;
  • purpose of the trip, as well as other factors affecting the risk of occurrence of the insured event.

What do we cover?

outpatient and inpatient treatment (emergency cases only);
emergency dental care;
homecoming of children left unattended;
medical evacuation;
searching and rescue activities;
acquisition of medications prescribed by a doctor.

Do you need help?

  • сontact the Assistance service by telephone or by other means of communication specified in the Insurance policy;
  • a doctor or an ambulance may be sent to your hotel, if required;
  • if there is no possibility to call the Assistance Service before going to the clinic, please, do your best to reach it as soon as possible. You should notify the Assistance Service about case before making payment for invoices/expenses and submit an insurance policy to the medical personnel;
  • can not contact the Assistance Service? You can pay the costs yourself. In this case, the Company will reimburse all expenses for treatment (payment will be made in UZS at the official exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan) upon arrival in Uzbekistan and submission of the relevant documents.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you only need to print the policy for submission at the embassy or any consulate mission.

Both policies are exactly the same. However, an electronic policy is always 5% cheaper than a paper one - this is a good opportunity to save you money. The policy needs to be printed out, provided that you will provide it to the embassy. And also, you can save the PDF file of the insurance policy on your phone or tablet. If necessary, present it at the border.

Undoubtedly, you should buy an insurance policy in advance. However, if you forgot to get it, you may do this even while traveling. Just buy it online. Anyway, no event may be recognized as an insured one and indemnified for, which is occurred before the date of inception.

While buying a policy online, you can choose one country or several at once. You should specify all countries or regions, which you will visit. If you are going to visit Schengen area, you should select the same.

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