Property (Real estate) insurance

For those who want to stop
worrying about their property

What does the policy cover?

Loss or damage to the insured property due to:

fire, explosion, lightning strike;
earthquakes, floods, hurricane;
landslide, mudflow;
burglary, unlawful acts of third parties;
collision, fall of flying objects;
damage made by water;

Why is online insurance beneficial?

Time saving - the registration takes a few minutes!
Paper saving - no need to collect a lot of documents!
Wide coverage
Fast payment - 10 working days from receipt of all documents!

How to insure property without leaving home?

Get insurance online
just in
5 minutes
select program
fill in the data
pay online
get a policy

Inspection of the property will be made within 24 hours

Frequently asked questions

If an insured event occurs, you should immediately notify the relevant authorized state bodies, and notify the insurance company at the short number 1166 within three banking days, but no later than five banking days, and submit a claim about the damage received.

The amount of insurance compensation shall be determined based on the value of the damaged property at the time of occurrence and the report of the authorized appraisal organization to be submitted by the Insured

In addition to identification documents, no documents are required.

If you have insured not only your apartment, but also your third-party civil liability, you and your neighbor will receive a refund.

Yes, you can

When choosing the option of concluding a property insurance contract “with inspection”, the insurance agent arrives at the home of the insured, makes an inventory of the property and makes a cost estimate.

Call at 1166 and we will explain everything!

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